Today I’m going to talk about a few tips and tricks for Far Cry 3 multiplayer that I didn’t tell you about in the first part. I’m going to explain more about reviving, team support and strategy. Advertisements

I wanted to post something about the Steam summer sale, simply because it’s a big thing. If you game, even just a little, this is the sale to watch. But because it’s so popular the internet is overflowing with posts about the sale right now. So I am just going to tell you what I […]

It’s been a while, I know! But I’m back again. The last few months have been really crazy for me. Both on the good and the bad side. Sadly enough a familymember died, we knew it was coming (she had terminal cancer), but it still hit like a bomb and caused me to not care […]

I know this is old, but last week I’ve been feeling kind of sick and a friend trying to cheer me up reminded me of these videos. The idea is very simple, eleven very drunk guys play the game Slenderman and as a result of their alcohol intake they get scared of everything and scream […]

When you start playing a multiplayer like the Far Cry 3 multiplayer your first goal is to level up and do it quick. But if you’re addicted like me it only takes a little time and you’re done leveling. I have been level 75 for about two months now, but I’m still not bored with […]

So a few weeks back I reinstalled my Anno 2070 and started playing again. Now I don’t have that much time because of Far Cry and Tomb raider but still I’ve managed to build a decent city again and I want to share this with you all. So here are a few screenshots of my […]

Lately I’ve been reading a lot of reviews about the new Tomb Raider and although they where all positive I wanted to hold my judgment until I’ve played it myself. I’ve played the older Tomb Raider games a lot back in the days, I was still a kid then so I looked up at Lara […]