Watch Dogs

A game that has caught my attention lately is Watch Dogs. On different websites I have seen introduction and first gameplay and I must say it looks like a fun game.

Watch Dogs is a game by the French Ubisoft. The game revolves around the Guy Aiden Pearce, a hacker who starts a war with ctOS, the system that’s supposed to protect Chicago. All data ctOS collects goes to a database that is accessible for all big companies (and of course they use it to make money).

Pearce is able to access all this data and he uses this to control his live and family. He wants to protect his family so he watches them 24/7, crazy of course but he means well. But in his attempts to protect his family he goes further and further. So in the end he starts watching the whole city.

The thing that really caught my eye in all this was the fact that he can use all the data he has, to predict crimes that are going to happen. And of course by knowing if something is going to happen he can try to prevent it. And here it gets interesting because this directly reminds me of Person of Interest (the series. Google it if you don’t know it, it’s really good). And I love PoI (as I like to call it) for the ingenious way it works. If this game looks anything like PoI I know I’m gonna enjoy it a lot.

The game isn’t coming out until the end of this year so I’ll have to wait a while to test if it really is as much fun as I think, but when I get my hands on it I will test it for sure and let you know if it’s a good game!


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