Far Cry 3 Multiplayer: 5 tips to make you look like you know what you’re doing

Every time I play Far Cry I see lots of level 1 (or anything from level 1 to a level 20) players who run around like crazy and behave like they’re just there to be shot. Nine out of 10 times someone new does not help your team one bit (I do not talk about the exceptions here!). So for all of you out there who are just starting to play, here are a few tips to not only make you look like you know what you’re doing but to make you a better player.

Far Cry 1

1. Don’t use the preprogrammed equipment sets 
Just do not use them! They’re worthless and no matter if you’re level 1 or level 50 you’re not going to do a lot of killing with these. No, invest time in building a set that fits the way you play. If you like to snipe, pick a sniper rifle and upgrade it to the max. Like close combat? Use a shotgun or a machinegun if you like medium range. And invest time in decoding stuff, most of the stuff you get in the beginning is crap. But decoding gives you XP and in the end it will be worth it when you get great weapon mods.

2. Revive, but watch what you’re doing!
So this is actually two tips in one. It’s important to revive your teammates, the enemy gets one less kill and you have one more teammate to help win the game. It’s happened to me so many times that I lay there, ready to shoot some stupid people only needing a revive and teammate after teammates just runs over me. Yeah, over me, they know I’m there but they just want to kill some people. Fine I get that, but the ultimate goal is winning and you win by being a team! And then if you revive somebody, please watch if it’s save to do so! It’s happens to me 9 out of 10 times that somebody saves me while being shot at by the enemy. So they die while saving me and I die right after because I don’t even have time to grab my weapon. Well that way it’s not helpful at all, just saying…

3. Tag, tag, tag!
Don’t you just hate it when you’re just walking around looking for somebody to kill and they’re hiding around some corner killing you before you can even react? Well that’s why they invented tagging. You spot an enemy but you’re not close enough for the kill or going somewhere else? Just press V, this tags the enemy and that way everybody in your team can see him on the mini-map. That’s great on its own, but did I tell you you get extra points if a teammate kills an enemy you tagged? Handy right, you don’t even have to kill him to get points. So please people, tag!

4. Cry, baby cry
An easy and stupidly simple feature that doesn’t even require you to stop: Battle Cries. A Battle Cry, when activated, gives a temporary but tangible bonus to your fighting capabilities. Whether it be reduced recoil to allow for sustained, accurate fire against an enemy position, or a health boost to soak up more damage, the Battle Cry will help you be better and make your team winners!


5. Team Support!
Team Support Weapons are the ultimate reward for playing as a team. Any team-oriented actions, like the ones mentioned above, give you points accumulated towards the deployment of Team Support Weapons. Psych gas is probably one of the most vivid examples: a well-placed strike will cause confusion and panic amongst the enemy, altering their perception to the point of not knowing who is friend or foe.  Who can you trust when they’ve got a gun pointed right at you?  Chaos!

So, whas this helpfull for you?
If not, let me know why and maybe I can do something about it.
If it was helpfull for you, I might do another edition going into detail more and looking at more tips to share.

Let me know!



  1. I like material like this. This really is a terrific write-up and I truly enjoyed reading it. You’ve got an original style that makes your concepts stand out from other writers.

    1. Thank you for reading and leaving this really nice comment!

  2. Bishop Hogson · · Reply

    I am really confused on the weapons. Could you do a weapon guide or give me a couple of handy links.

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