Anno 2070: my creation

So a few weeks back I reinstalled my Anno 2070 and started playing again. Now I don’t have that much time because of Far Cry and Tomb raider but still I’ve managed to build a decent city again and I want to share this with you all. So here are a few screenshots of my current game.


So this is kinda the town section, with all the people. I’ve separated the scientist from the rest, because I just think that’s easier since they want the big science building and stuff. I have a few firestations and hospitals, but if I’m honest I always only start building those when something is actually on fire or when people start getting sick. I’m not cruel, just lazy and I don’t want to spent money and energy on something when it’s not gonna do anything for me.


This is where I started the game. You can clearly see that because of the granules and building blocks buildings. And it’s mostly just tea, coffee and rice here.


This is my second island, where I grow stuff and get sand from the river. I always like to have one island with great fertility where I grow a lot of stuff. Production is increased because of the fertility and it just makes everything easier.


The rest of the second island. Just glass and mobile phones here (they’re not phones, but I call them that because it’s easier to remember).


And my underwater island. Nothing special, just some food and stuff.

Im not there yet, not for a long time, I know. My islands still need a lot of work and my city needs to get bigger and bigger. But this is how it looks right now and everything is balanced out pretty good so I’m happy.

I hope you enjoyed looking at my game, if you want to share your creations on my site just let me know and maybe you can show of your islands soon!:) 


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