Far Cry 3 Multiplayer: keeping it fun after hitting level 75

When you start playing a multiplayer like the Far Cry 3 multiplayer your first goal is to level up and do it quick. But if you’re addicted like me it only takes a little time and you’re done leveling. I have been level 75 for about two months now, but I’m still not bored with the game. Want to know why? Read on!


In the game there are two types of challenges, daily and weekly. If you’re not level 75 you can do these to earn experience faster. This perk of course isn’t useful anymore ones you hit 75, but I always like to challenges myself and try to get as many daily and weekly earnings as possible. By doing this you also force yourself to try different weapons and game types. I normally always play Team Deathmatch with a MP5, but if I have to follow the challenges I have to pick up various weapons and have to do different game styles. So if you’re bored you might want to try earn all the challenges.


I’ve already talked about trying different weapons for different challenges, but even if you’re not trying to earn a challenge it might be fun to pick up a different weapon. Sometimes I feel really overpowered, I’ve maxed the level of a weapon, know exactly how it works and shoots and I don’t need to do much to kill an enemy. And although it’s fun to be the best, it can get kind of boring after a while. If this happens to me I make a new weapons set and start leveling a new weapon. The first few hours with a new weapon are usually horrible, it’s underpowered, you’re not used to it and you’ll probably will get killed a lot. But this also makes it kind of like going from medium-mode to hard-mode. It’s harder and that way you have to keep focused and you won’t get bored easily.

Tattoo Editor:

If you want to make your character really your own you can give him some wicked tattoos to show who you are. If I have to be honest I can’t tell you much about this feature, because I haven’t tried it yet. It just doesn’t look like much fun to do, maybe if I get bored with the game in a while I’ll give it a try. But until then I’m just there to shoot and kill, not to freaking paint and draw. But that’s just me and maybe you’ll love this feature, so I’m putting it in here anyway.

Final move:

If you want to challenge yourself you can always invent your own challenges and goals. I’ve recently made up my own challenge. What I want to do, is to make every final move at least ones. As you (probably) know if you’re the best of the winning team you can decide to give your opponent mercy or punish him. I want to be the best of the winning team enough times so I can do every final move there is. Want to do this challenge to? Just do it! Here’s a list of all the moves:


  • Second Chance – He earned it
  • Good game – Let’s shake on it
  • Slow Clap – Actions are louder than words
  • Thirst Quencher – Show a little decency
  • Fan Service – Keeping it cool
  • Hug & Go – It seemed like a good idea at the time
  • Stay of Execution – He’s not worth the bullet
  • Rescue – Catch and release
  • No Beheading – It’s just not nice
  • Kalinka – Keeping it traditional
  • Dance Off ​- Don’t pretend you don’t know it


  • Triple Punch – Third time’s the charm
  • Backhand – Better turn the safety on first
  • Nutshot – Right below the belt
  • Face Kick – Why bloody your knuckles?
  • Golf Swing – Practice your drive
  • One-Two Combo – A good, old fashioned knockout
  • Firm Handshake – How’s your grip?
  • 5-Finger Fillet – Hey, do the thing with the knife!
  • Fan Beatdown – Nothing better to beat the heat
  • Guessing Game – He loses either way
  • Headbutt – As seen in the world of sport
  • Target Practice (RPG-7) – Don’t look back
  • Nipple Twist – Cruel and unusual punishment
  • Back Breaker – Gravity’s a bitch
  • Bottle Prank – That’s not lemonade
  • Tough Love – Up close and far too personal


You can also always try to get on the top of the leaderboards. This will take a lot of your time no doubt, but seeing your name up there is always nice.

There are three different leaderboards:

  • Total XP
  • Kill/Death Ratio
  • Win/Lose Ratio

The three filters you can use on each leaderboard:

  • Friends
  • Global
  • City


Getting awards is also something you can focus on. Awards are like challenges but need to be done multiple times, whether in Co-op and/or Multiplayer.

Make it your own:

The part about the final move is a good example of how you can spice this game up yourself. I won’t get bored for a long time because there are always things I can think of to do next. If you get creative and think of your own goals to get to, you’ll never get bored with any game.

On that note, do you want me to make a post about the goals and challenges I come up with to make Far Cry 3 Multiplayer more fun? Or maybe another game like Anno? So you can try and use them yourself. Let me know!


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