Far cry 3 multiplayer, tips & tricks part 2

Today I’m going to talk about a few tips and tricks for Far Cry 3 multiplayer that I didn’t tell you about in the first part. I’m going to explain more about reviving, team support and strategy.


Like I said last time reviving is crucial to your teams survival. It takes a point away from the opposite team and gives your team it’s teammate back again including his (or hers) killstreaks and built up teamsupport. Reviving your teammate is important, but it’s also important to let that person know you’re coming. It has happened to me far to many times that I give up hope of being saved and stop spamming the E key just to see a teammate come around the corner for me. 9 out of 10 times it’s already to late when you stop spamming E and struggling for your survival. So my teammate doesn’t get points for saving me, I lose teamsupport points and the opposite team just gains. Not good! If you are going to save someone let them know! While running in their direction hit V, this marks your teammate and lets them know you’re coming. This makes them willing to spam E just a little bit longer so you can get to them. But don’t go crazy with this, if your teammate is on the other side of the map and you have no way of getting to them don’t let them think you’re coming. If there is nobody around to save them it’s sometimes just better to die and get back on your feet again quick to be of help to your team again.

Team support:

First of all, team support is really important (and kinda fun). Bombing your enemy (or putting them in a cloud of deadly gas) is sometimes just what you need to get ahead in the game. So please use it, but don’t forget to think about your team. When planning a bomb attack it’s always nice to have scouts so you can drop that bomb exactly right, but don’t forget this is something everybody likes. So try to put in scouts a few times to to help your teammates with their bombing and stuff. I always try to do scouts for every bomb or gas attack I do. So I do bomb, scouts, gas, scouts and so on. This way my team also has a moment to drop their bombs and stuff. Don’t just think of yourself!


I’ve been playing Far Cry 3 multiplayer for a while now and I’ve been forming my own strategys about how I play. Right now I almost always end first or second so I must be doing something right. Time to share.
The moment the game starts is crucial so make sure you have your weapon set selected and you can see the countdown. Always make a plan right before you start. If you’ve been playing for a longer time you know where the other team is gonna start and from where they are coming. I always try to meet them form the side or back while the rest of my team starts shooting form the front. The first minute of battle is always the most intense and a lot of time people don’t notice you until it’s to late. But when coming in from behind isn’t an option just make sure you are the first to get to the enemy and get a shot. Making the first kill gives you extra points and facing them head on can make the other team insecure. Just be really agressive right from the start, don’t go out searching for a nice hiding spot or something like that because it’s gonna get you killed and helps nobody. Only kills help your team, even if it’s just one it can make the difference in confusing or breaking up the other team.

Strategy is kind of hard to explain sometimes, because I plan these mainly in my head. But if you’d like it I can make another article completly about strategy, explaing about my strategys with drawings and/or movieclips. Just let me know if that’s something you’d like!

So, whas this helpfull for you?
If not, let me know why and maybe I can do something about it.
If it was helpfull for you, I might do another edition going into detail more and looking at more tips to share.
My next idea is to do a weapons guide, because there are a lot of them and it gets people confused sometimes. Handy? Let me know if this should be my next article!


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